Welcome to the IES Corporate Support FAQ.
How do I check the status of my resume?
Login to your existing resume via the login form and click the link for "View current status on each position". You will see a list of all positions you are currently attached to and your current status for each position.
How do I submit my resume for more positions?
Login to your existing resume via the login form, and click on the link for "Apply to additional positions". From the list of currently posted positions, select any new positions that you would like to be considered for (you can use the CTRL key to select more than one). After the desired requisitions are highlighted, scroll down and click on the Update button on the bottom of the form. Please pay attention to the education/experience required. Only those candidates who clearly meet the requirements will be considered.
How do I edit my profile details?
Login to your existing resume via the login form, and click on the link for "Edit my profile". Make the desired changes then scroll down and click on the Update button on the bottom of the form.
What if I don't know what my password is?
Click on the link for "forgot password" from the login screen. This will prompt you to enter your email address. The system will send you a new password via email.
I received a message stating that the position I was trying to submit my resume for is no longer active. How can I correct this?
The message means the position no longer posted. The position could be already filled or placed on hold. You can access the Job Search form and look for other positions that may meet your needs, or create a job search agent to be alerted about similar positions in the future.
How do I remove my resume from a job?
Due to government applicant tracking reporting requirements, we cannot remove you from a requisition, but if you send an email to careercenter@IESholdings.com with your name and the requisition numbers, the staffing department can mark that you are no longer interested.
I did not receive an email with my user name and password after I submitted a new resume or requested a password.
Because these are system-generated emails, you should check your bulk mail or spam folder if you do not see the email in your regular inbox.
I cannot login using the username and password provided.
Please note that the user name and the password are case sensitive. They also may include spaces or special characters that are easy to miss. We recommend you copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) the information directly from the email into the form fields.
How do I copy and paste information from a file to the online form?
Highlight the text in your document then use the menu option for copy (you can also right mouse click or use ctrl-c). Then click on the field in the form and paste (right mouse click or use ctrl-v) to transfer your information directly from your file into the form fields.
I would like to apply for an Intern or Coop position. How do I do that?
IES Corporate does not post all positions for interns and coops. You may send an email to careercenter@IESholdings.com.
I do not want to complete the resume submission form, can I just email or fax my resume to IES Corporate?
No. IES Corporate requires that all candidates complete the resume submission form to ensure proper data collection required for applicant tracking purposes. We cannot accept emailed, faxed, or hand-delivered resumes.
If none of the above helps to answer your question, you can send an email to one of the contacts below:
For general job-related related questions and issues:
careercenter@IESholdings.com (or click on the Ask HR Link after you have logged in to your existing resume via the login form).
For technical support with the careers website: